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Remote Work ReImagined

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A full suite of remote talent acquisition and management services that are ready to use and easy to implement.

Time To Move Forward

Bid farewell to old platforms, outdated methods, and your previous outsourcing struggles.

We're here to:
Simplify talent discovery.
Offer unmatched client support.
Make remote team scaling easy.
Redefine your path to success!
No more looking back.

Not Just Any Platform

An end-to-end platform that handles things from A to Z

  • Drafting contract
  • Job description generation
  • White glove client service

  • Feedback management
  • Payments management
  • Account management

  • Client advisory on outsourcing needs
  • Recruitment management
  • Logistics handling

  • Communication and feedback centralization
  • Interview preparation
  • Contract handling

  • Performance tracking and assessment
  • Equipment support
  • Payroll setup

You Name It, We Fixed It

  • Difficulty finding remote talent
  • Lengthy talent sourcing process
  • Overwhelming remote implementation
  • Curated global talent pool
  • Streamlined outsourcing processes
  • Seamless international logistics support

Why SiiRA?

Skilled & certified professionals ready to contribute to your company's success.
Countries represented by our remote workforce.

Two Apps, One Purpose

The SiiRA App
The SiiRA App
Access a diverse global talent pool easily by requesting and selecting your remote team from your mobile phone. Convenient & frictionless outsourcing for consistent growth.

Two Apps, One Purpose

MySiiRA App
MySiiRA App
Your remote team is empowered with a platform that allows them to give feedback, log billable hours, stay in the loop on payments and so much more. They have clarity, you have visibility.

Ask SiiRA

SiiRA is a revolutionary platform designed to connect US companies with top-tier international talent for their remote workforce. Our end-to-end solutions streamline the remote talent acquisition process, making it effortless and efficient.

While our primary focus is on empowering US companies, we also facilitate international connections. Talents from around the world can join our platform and explore remote opportunities with US companies.

Absolutely! SiiRA welcomes remote professionals seeking their dream jobs. Create your profile, highlight your skills and experiences, and let us connect you with the perfect US-based companies that align with your aspirations.

We prioritize the security and privacy of all our users. SiiRA implements robust data protection measures and follows strict privacy guidelines to safeguard your information

Still have questions? Let's connect!
Still have questions? Let's connect!